N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

Nzuko Ndi Igbo Hannover e.V

Nzuko Ndi Igbo Hannover e.V. (VR 202874) is one of the associations of Igbos in Germany.
Comprising mainly of Igbo residents in the state of Lower Saxony, the association has transformed itself over the years as the umbrella association, accommodating all other smaller groups in Hannover.

In actualisation of its motto which is “Igwe bụ ike, onye ahala nwanne ya’, Nzuko Ndi Igbo Hannover e.V. actively organises several programmes such as Igbo lessons, cultural dance, sporting and other social activities to bring Ndi Igbo together, as well as highlight the rich Igbo cultural heritage.
Nzukọ Ndị Igbo Hannover e.V. is also a member of the Afrikanischer Dachverband Norddeutschland e.V. where it interacts with other association of African origin.
All these are geared towards the sustainability of Igbo culture and tradition, and integration of the Igbo community into the larger Hanover society.

Executive Committe

  1. P. Chukwuma Ezeadachie - Chairman
  2. Peter Nwafor - Vice chairman
  3. Iheanyi Nwankwo - Secretary
  4. Theodore Maduka - Asst. Secretary
  5. Nathaniel Chionye - Treasurer
  6. Uche Alisigwe - Financial Secretary
  7. Wilfred Omeokwe - PRO
  8. Kingsley Mgbeoji Anyasodo - Asst. PRO
  9. Collins Onyeyaforo - Provost
  10. Joshua Sunday Ani - Asst. Provost


Represented by: Chukwuma P. Ezeadachie (Chairman)

Tel.: +49 173 2069911
email: ndiigbo.hannover@gmail.com
Reg.: Amtsgericht Hannover, VR 202874


Göttinger Chaussee 115
130459 Hannover