N.I.G is a socio-cultural and the umbrella organisation of all Igbo associations in Germany

I.C.O Mannheim e.V

The Igbo Cultural Organisation Mannheim has been the foremost and probably the most successful Igbo union in the federal Republic of Germany and has indirectly been instrumental to the formation of many similar unions in other parts of Germany and Europe at large. Its existence metamorphosed from the quest for cultural and communal togetherness which are naturally the hallmarks of Igbos anywhere and everywhere in the world.
However, the idea was kindled by the rise in number of Igbos settling in the Rhein-Neckar area of the ‘Bundes Republik Deutschland’ in the early to the middle of the 1990s. Hence on the 15 day of June 1995, ‘The Binding Agent’ ICO Mannheim was born.
Among other things, the founder and pioneers had wished to bring about togetherness that bordered on brotherhood, integration with the local culture, recreation among members as well as reaching out to the under-privileged and lending helping hands of charity to the poor. These objectives have been embedded in everyday life of ICO and have reflected in its activities from America through Europe to Africa with some zenith points when Haiti was hit by a deadly earthquake, and when Mrs Felicia Stevens, a special envoy under ICO’s delegation, visited orphanages in five States in South-East Nigeria with humanitarian support.

ICO’s cultural dance and activities have also always reverberated in every part of Germany and Europe. The ‘Rote Mutze Gruppe’ as the dance goup was described in Zurich Switzerland has never failed to showcase Igbo culture in world arena.
ICO, like every other man-made organisation, has also its own problems of internal strife, policies, leadership and membership; but its ability to learn and regenerate after each problem has become the center of its strength – making it the most formidable Igbo conglomerate in Germany.

Today, after nearly twenty year of existence, ICO is stronger than ever. With high motivations and membership in record-highs, success have never before appeared so achievable. The vision of seeing bigger pictures ahead of time and breaking new grounds, the dream of making its footprint larger than Europe, appeared to have all fallen within the scope of reality. As great ambassadors, all members of ICO pledges to support and maintain the inherited cultures of the most indestructible land of the rising sun of Africa – Igbo.


I.C.O Executive

  • President - Hon. Kingsley Onwubiko
  • Vice-president - Mr Wilfried Nwigwe
  • General Sec. - Mr Godwin Njoku 
  • Assistant Sec. - Hon. Victor Dike 
  • Fin Sec. - Mrs Mercy Nwauzor 
  • Treasurer - Mrs Ndidiamaka Emeruwa 
  • P.R.O - Hon. Christain Mandy 
  • Social Sec. - Mr Francis Anyanwu 
  • Provost - Mr Chigaemezu Onyeagba
  • Asst. Provost - Mr Alexander Nnaoma



Represented by: Hon. Kingsley Onwubiko (President)

Tel.: +49 117637032877
Facebook: Facebook I.C.O Mannheim
Reg.: Amtsgericht 68159 Mannheim,  VerR 2061


℅ Hon. Kingsley Onwubiko
Merziger str 9
68309 Mannheim

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